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We are all familiar with the question of who we are. Are we humans having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience? This change in perspective can shift everything in your world. Changing how you see yourself changes every interaction, and all your thoughts around a situation. Now it is time to ask deeper questions about how we see ourselves.

What if we are creator gods in training? What if there is only one of us, and everyone (everything) around us is a training holograph?

The Mystery Schools teach that existence is a circle, where the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere. If we are each the center of our own story, can every other person we interact with be a reflection of what we believe subconsciously? How much sway do you personally hold over your own experience? Over the world stage?

This is an advanced teaching, so if it seems ridiculous, feel free to stop reading. I usually write to more of an “ego management” level. This message keeps coming through, so it must be time to move past the ego, at least for some. In my experience, people are exactly as powerful as they think they are. Self-limiting creatures, humans are. We will only grow as far as our mental fence allows, even if that fence is subconscious. Once the subconscious is cleared out, see if you’re ready to move the fence out a bit.

Pro tip: If you try to jump to this stage before doing the work of clearing out the subconscious, that’s called spiritual bypassing. Not only will your work at this level be ineffectual, you will be called out on your lack of inner preparation. Please do the messy work of clearing your subconscious wounds and programs before attempting advanced work.

Once you move past both personal power and esoteric power, it is time to play with creation. No worries about this information falling into the wrong hands. A person can’t even access these levels from an ego perspective. The game has levels, and you can’t make an impact on a higher level until you leave the ego level. It’s much like trying to plug into the human heart grid before your are in a place of service – doesn’t work so well.

Your first step to becoming who you really are is to align with your own Higher Dimensions. This is very simple on paper – just focus on your breath, quiet the mind, fully feel the body, and let the energy flow through you. In practical application, the mind may not want to quiet down enough to let the rest happen. At those times, I recommend mentally reciting your favorite mantra. I use, “Let me be open to the possibility that things will work out better that I had planned.” Find something that relaxes and opens you, and just keep repeating it until your mind understands its job is just to focus on that. Self-mastery is mental-mastery.

The only intention to hold is that of personal alignment. At this stage, that’s really all there is. Your Higher Self has a plan bigger than your human ego-mind could even conceive of, so alignment is the goal. Pro tip: If you want to play with the matrix to change the weather or stop a war, you are still operating at the ego level. Alignment with your Higher Dimensions automatically brings in the energy of peace and unity. Being caught up in the outer world is just a distraction. Yes, it is even just a distraction to those being bombed. They are obviously on a Master course, facing greater challenges than just quieting the mind.

At a creator level, everyone is competent and capable. We all have challenges we are capable of overcoming. Some can overcome circumstances we can barely think about without falling into despair, while others seem to be struggling with the smallest of issues. We each have the level of challenge we can master. Trust in the path is what faith is really all about. Besides, the “creator god” level of the game can only be played from within.

Aligning with your Higher Self is spiritual embodiment. This allows more of our Higher Dimensions to be present in physical form. Peace on Earth? Abundance for all? Perfect health? I suppose it’s a matter of how far we can take it, or how big we can think. If we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then physical death is a given. If we are creator gods in training, the possibilities abound. From an ego perspective, I have no wish to live in a physical body for any longer than I have to. From a creator god perspective, I wish to play with the possibilities.

So who are you, and are you ready to level-up? I hope to see your light on the game board. Or is it my light? After all, there is only one of us here…

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4 Responses to The Question

  1. Hmm… so, no short cuts there are? 😊❤️

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  2. Natalie Anderson says:

    Oh boy, Natha— This is exactly what I need to hear, what I’ve been receiving today from every part of this world we’ve created together, the One of Us. Thank you.


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