And We’re Off!

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From nothing to everything in the blink of an eye. I’ve been flat on the couch for most of June 2022, but my body feels like it finally integrated the physical upgrades. Almost everyone I know has been plagued with complications, delays, and detours. It makes me think of the words my first grade teacher said so often to me – “Wait for the class.” I have spent much of my life waiting for the world to catch up, so I knew what was happening, but it’s still hard. Never fear, the wait is over! At least for now.

It will seem like the next two months will fly by. In a blink of the eye it will be late August. For those who have been waiting, it will come as a relief. For those already feeling like they are hanging by a thread, this acceleration will hopefully redirect their attention inwards and to self-care. Be kind to everyone. We will all feel the fast and furious changes.

If you aren’t feeling the speed yet, it will come by June solstice. Enjoy your last bit of down time. Then it will feel like a water slide – fun but fast. The new energy will wash over us all. It’s up to your perception to see it as a water park or a fire hose.

I feel like I will finally be shown my next step. With the timeline shifting every three days, it has been impossible to pick a direction. Wait for the class. But now, it feels like a solid experience, at least for a few months.

For those worried about the state of the world, please question where you are getting your guidance. The only source you should be listing to is the Source within. When I get quiet and meditate, I can feel the joy of Gaia, the strength of the human heart grid, and the support of my invisible team. If you are getting something else, ask your ego to step aside so you can connect directly with Source. I’m not talking about denial. The world stage is a hot mess, for sure. I’m talking about discernment. Get your intel from where it matters, or the stress will be overwhelming.

Two coping skills stand out for this passage: remember to rest and be careful what you wish for.

After all this waiting it can feel freeing to go full steam ahead. Your body is still integrating and updating. Be sure to listen to your body, and give it what it needs. Take breaks. Be patient. We are only incarnate at the invitation of our body. Death is not an enemy, but life is only available through the host body. Be a good guest.

Be careful what you wish for, because you’ll probably get it. Be willing to change goals as soon as you figure out this isn’t what you actually want. Lessons will abound, but will only stay as long as you need them. If you are immediately aware of a misstep, just change direction. For those practiced in going with the flow this will be easy. For those more hard-headed this may be tough. The lessons will escalate until you get the message. This isn’t personal, it’s only to move us quickly to the higher timeline. As my Guides have had to remind me way too many times, “This isn’t about you.”

Enjoy this ride. I feel like life will resume a reasonable pace in September. We’ll see. Always an adventure on planet Earth!

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6 Responses to And We’re Off!

  1. Marissa (Reese) Wood says:

    Love this – love you!

    Marissa “Reese” Wood, PMP, CISSP
    303-506-3282 (mobile)
    Sent from my iPhone, please excuse typos.

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  2. Bob Breeze says:

    Thanks Natha,
    I can feel it too. Great advice.
    You are a wonderful human being!
    Bob (in Australia)

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  3. markwhammond says:

    Thank so much, Natha! love, Mark

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