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The world stage is crazy, and going to get worse. Why? Some of our reality is just breaking down, but also those in power are experimenting with human emotion, specifically to stay in power. Don’t fall for it. Humans are easily led if they can be kept in fear. Anger is a step up from fear, but it is a long way from the vibration of love.

As we know, this ascension thing is happening either way. The only choice now is how hard we want to make it. Do we want the pain brought on by the dissonance between the vibration of fear and the vibration of love? Or do we want to make that transition easier by actively bringing ourselves toward the frequency of love? To be honest, the human body can’t hold both frequencies. If you plan to live through this decade (and many won’t), keep your focus on the higher frequency of love. It’s where we’re going.

If you are new to shadow work, this can sound like denial. Bliss bunny stuff. It’s the opposite, actually. It takes a true spiritual warrior to look at the headlines and sill keep their heart open. Compassion is really just observing, with love, from a distance. If I can see you heading for a fall, and still love you while holding the knowledge that you have the strength to get through it – that’s compassion. Try it with the world stage. It isn’t an easy task.

For an example, let’s say some thugs start stirring trouble in your neighborhood. The knee-jerk reaction might be to share guard duty with your neighbors. Now you have a bunch of angry or scared people trying to defend a space. (I keep getting a visual of someone wearing a cooking pot for a helmet and a trash can lid for a shield.) Another option would be neighborhood training in a martial art. If you have a group of black belts walking the streets, the thugs will move on. I am not advocating denial, I’m asking you to become a black belt.

I’m not saying you won’t still feel the waves from the collective. The wave of anger yesterday was like a rip tide. Feel it and move through it, don’t get sucked in and drown. Even the human heart grid flickered a bit. Now it’s our job to strengthen the heart grid once more. We will. I’m not worried, I’ve been doing this for a while. More importantly, your own experience depends on how quickly you can guide yourself through each rough patch.

I’d guess that the adjustments to both abortion rights and gun control in the USA was carefully timed to try to put as many (from both political parties) into fear as possible. This timing was probably chosen because tomorrow (June 28, 2022) we start about six weeks of intense karma clearing. Karma is just repeating a behavior based on frequency. Those that are still trying to run the matrix of control would love for us to choose to keep our own frequency low enough to keep the old karma (of fear and oppression) in play. If you allow yourself to be open, even a little, karma will be leaving your system rapidly. All you have to do is stay out of fear. Fear closes the cellular doors where all the old stuff is trying to leave.

Here are some short writings that may be helpful:
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My website, www.WalkingInBothWorlds.com has many pages, like those above, that are free and available to all. Please share whatever you wish. If it jogs someone’s memory about the path they came to walk, then my time was well-spent.

None of us is perfect, and we can always improve, so just start where you are. Every effort towards self-mastery will be greatly rewarded in the coming weeks. We are supported in this journey like never before. Like I have said many times, ascension (evolution) is happening either way; might as well make the most of it. Let’s see how far we can go!

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