Thought Experiment

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Don’t you love how synchronicity brings ideas into your field, and they coalesce to form all new patterns? New to me, at least. Not even new information, just a different take on things; a new understanding. This is why I love personal development – never a dull moment in personal growth! It’s difficult to keep me challenged, but the layers of the human psyche are endlessly amazing.

I need to start with a bit of framework. The Mystery Schools (and now science) tells us that the world is just a hologram. Physical reality stems from consciousness, not the other way around. The Mystery Schools say, “Life is a circle where the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere,” while science says all reality is subjective. If we are all the center of our own subjective reality, then who’s driving this crazy train? Only one possible answer: we are. You are wholly and completely responsible for your personal experience. Eventually, and with a few exceptions.

The “eventually” part is about inner work, or shadow work. It takes some directed effort to wrestle yourself out of the cocoon of victim mentality you were born into. The exceptions are disruptions to the physical brain – actual physical blocks to thinking, like Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia.

We are usually led to spiritual development because the pain of life gets too heavy. We generally go into it like religion, with some heavy wish-fulfillment (heaven) and vengeance (hell / karma) desires. We soon find that “being good” doesn’t improve our lot, and judging others as “bad” doesn’t let us gleefully watch their karmic repercussions. At some point we decide we want to be the best version of ourselves, just because that’s who we want to be. Poof! Then the layers peel back more quickly. If you are ready for a personal deep-dive, I recommend The Gene Keys. That stuff is pure magic.

From this level of reality we can change the physical world. Why? Because we have all that extra room in our minds. Instead of wasting brain power on fear and judgement, we can use that extra focus on directing energy in the physical realm. Remember, every level is a valid place to be, so it perfectly okay to be thinking, “Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but my circumstances are special!” For perspective, I’m in a wheelchair due to a neurological disorder, and I plan to use myself as a guinea pig. Everyone reaches a new level in their own time… even if we wish it happened faster.

Here’s the fun part… what if all this inner work is just to clear out enough space to focus the brain? What if it was never about fixing something, or being good enough? What if the suffering that started us on this path was just a reminder to leave the cocoon? I’m not in any way saying anyone can bypass the messy part and go straight to focusing the mind. Please, dear Goddess, don’t spiritual bypass. I’m just saying that the real reason for “doing the work” may be much more significant than just feeling better psychologically. Not that feeling better in your own skin isn’t a great reason, I just like to push the boundaries. Gotta have a hobby.

We have plenty of distractions, and left unattended our thoughts usually revert to any number of less-than-optimal patterns. I think judgement (self or other) and fear are the two most common. Interesting how social media and news push both those buttons. When we manage to master the chatter of the monkey-mind, we can program something new. When I say “master the monkey-mind” I really mean retrain it to think more productive thoughts. That means a lot of thought interruption and redirection. You can do it. I have faith.

So, this takes us one step further than my usual “mind your mind” platform. I am suggesting that focused thought can change physical matter. I know this idea isn’t new, but I believe it is now more widely available than ever before. I also believe that changing physical reality with the focused mind is great training for creator beings, such as ourselves. We are working directly with the plasma that creates physical reality. Maybe the sun is sending new codes. Maybe the energy is just light enough to allow this to happen. Maybe this is all a thought experiment. Maybe we leveled up on the game we’re playing. Whatever the reason, I just want to see what we’re capable of. Remember to have fun out there!

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