Climbing the Ladder

In my blog ‘Breathe as the Divine’ I talk about storing higher vibrations in your body. Well, I’ve been doing that, and I’ve made some new discoveries. I used to have to consciously engage with that stored light to lift my mood when needed, but now my body is doing it automatically. Whenever I feel a bit down, my body just steps in and releases some that stored goodness, bringing me back to a higher vibration. Also, my body is now answering me when I speak to it. Yep, it’s getting real over here.

Being that the physical body is part of Gaia, this serves as my personal proof that the earth is waking up. I’ve been seeing changes in Earth’s energy for a couple years. I have been talking to my body for at least seven years, but this is the first time it’s replied. Let the DNA changes begin! At least for me. I know others have been experiencing these physical changes for a while, but we each have our own timing, don’t we.

I was playing with storing light and awakening DNA when I suddenly thought I shouldn’t push the river. Maybe I should just let it happen naturally. As soon as I had that thought the inner light dimmed, and some places went back into darkness. When I changed my thoughts on the subject, the dark areas lit up again. Know what that means? I am allowed to be an active player again!!! I have been on hold in the physical world for two decades now, and while I learned a great deal by expanding only inwardly, it sure is freeing to know I’m being invited back to the game. Exciting!

More importantly, this means we can choose to bring our dormant DNA online faster than standard evolution. Evolution is happening to everyone, but I’m pretty sure we will have fewer growing pains by making change a conscious choice. It doesn’t take much, just a few conscious breaths each day. I recommend three deep breaths before getting out of bed, another three a couple times during the day, and again when you crawl into bed. Breath in gratitude and light.

Another evolution technique I’ve been toying with is raising my vibration as high as I can right before I fall asleep. Sleep brings healing, and sleeping at a higher vibration seems to speed healing. Give it a try. Start with a gratitude list, then feel the light expanding and vibrating in your body. At the very least, it’s a beautiful way to fall asleep.

In another week (January 21, 2023) we will be moving full speed ahead, so use this week to build some good habits to carry you through the chaos. Here comes the new reality! We got this!

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5 Responses to Climbing the Ladder

  1. marybogdan says:

    Fabulous! Fabulous post! Right on! So helpful, so enlightening! We’re all on our own journey but to hear your experience is awesome! Thank you so much! Very healing! I will reread! 🎈

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  2. marybogdan says:

    Oh yeah, just subscribed to your daily emails! So happy now! Love what’s going on at your website, been following for a while now! 🦋🌻

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