Goodbye 2022

Every year, instead of new year resolutions, I like to review what I have learned the past year. Instead of setting expectations (expectation is the leading cause of disappointment), I prefer to celebrate what I’ve gathered in wisdom, or at least personal insight. I share this list with you in the hope it will spark something for your own journey, if only the idea of crossing the threshold of a new year in a different way. For me, 2022 was much different than previous years, in that the lessons were so subtle. This past year was full of subtlety and paradox, like fine tuning an instrument. I only had two big discoveries this year, and the rest were quite quiet. This is odd for me, but quite peaceful. Please consider making your own list, so you can marvel at your own growth.

I feel like age 50 was the beginning of my true adulthood. I finally feel like I have a clue. I can relax.
After being pet-free for 13 months, I finally adopted a dog. The love (both ways) is totally worth the dog hair and extra expense. (This was one of the big discoveries.)
While change is vital, consistency is the foundation of every lasting relationship.
Trust can only be built on consistency.
Memory is a double-edged sword. Memory is required to learn from the past, and memory is required to cling to the past. I must choose what to remember, so I learn but don’t become attached.
I feel bad for those who can’t even remember their own spoken words. (I’m gonna… then it’s gone.)
Personal effort is only effective when supported by Divine timing.
Personal effort without Divine timing is exhausting and unproductive.
ADHD in adults (and kids) is a real thing. It acts like passive-aggressive behavior, but without the bitterness. Broken promises, but no ill intent. (The other big discovery.)
My favorite life maps (astrology, numerology, Gene Keys) don’t hold a candle to the complexity of neurodiversity. Neurodiversity is evolution in action.
A personal and supportive relationship with the body is self-worth at a whole new level.
Embodiment requires an internal adjustment, a surrender to life’s path.
I am an amazing partner and friend.
I am ready, willing, and able to receive as much support as I give others, on all levels.
Thinking about romantic relationship used to be exhausting, but now it just makes me giggle. Why did I ever try to conform to the social norm of codependency? That’s just funny!
Community is now far more important to me than an individual relationship.
It takes a village to maintain us all, cradle to grave.
No one actually wants assistance, they really only want to be witnessed.
The only times I felt angry or disappointed this year was when I ignored my intuition and let my expectation align with what I wanted to happen.
Words are very important to me, but only actions make words real. Unfortunately.
Done is better than good. The world needs doers.
I’m over-the-moon happy that “sober communities” are making headway. It’s nice to think of being surrounded by people who really want to be fully present and healthy.
We all change each other with every single interaction. That’s a lot of responsibility and power.
I’m quite comfortable with responsibility and power.
The world is different because I’m in it, and I am who I am because of all I’ve been through.
Thank goodness I’ve been stuck in a wheelchair long enough to focus on building this spiritual foundation! I am so blessed and grateful to be me!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the energy forecast for next year, please check out 2023 – Elevate. I also enjoyed rereading 2022 – The Great Reset, because things always make more sense in hindsight. Wishing you a magical New Year!

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  1. brigitsun says:


    div dir=”ltr”>When I read your writing (thank you for sharing it), I imagine th


  2. Jeff Gerlesits says:

    Love the post, love the message!! I’m working on my journey, my clean living path and love your guidance.

    And Yes to adopting a pup!!!

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