Pavlov’s Ascension

I love to figure out how things work. A great deal of the time this ascension business is above my pay-grade, thus I am just as confused as everyone else. On occasion, I get a peek at the programming of this matrix we’re experiencing. Not often, but it’s nice when it happens.

Sometimes when I start with, “I wonder why…” things just fall into my brain. On this occasion, I was wondering how “they” plan to get people to change their habits. I just don’t think a weakening magnetosphere is going to do it. Humans can have some amazing strength of will when it comes to upholding unconscious habits. Unless a person dedicates themselves to doing a great deal of shadow work, nothing really changes. Unless…

If we reverse the process so the habit is broken first, it’s just natural to wonder (ponder, contemplate, do shadow work) about why we had the habit to start with. And how would that happen, you ask? Because the body is getting louder each day. If things you used to enjoy now make you sick, it will be worth the time to figure out a change. Brilliant! These folks are worth every penny, or whatever they get!

Things that are out of alignment for my highest trajectory are getting more and more uncomfortable. This is everything from certain foods to videos to ordering online. I’m sure the specifics are different for everyone. All I know is that my body is quite clear on what has to go. My physical reaction to “old timeline stuff” ranges from nausea to heart palpitations to exhaustion to mood swings. As soon as I get the message and stop what I’m doing, I return to my happy 5-D experience.

This classical conditioning is quite effective, and it will work on even the most asleep among us. Boy, these guys are good! No wonder we put them in charge of this shift! For those of us who have been doing our inner work for decades, we can just lead by example and make subtle suggestions. I am reminded of the guy who went to the doctor:
“My arm hurts when I move it like this.”
Doctor replies, “Then don’t move it like that!”

Of course, this idea is covered in the current astrology. With Saturn (structure) moving into Pisces (feeling), it only makes sense that everything we do will be accompanied by an unmistakable feeling on the subject. Astrology really is a road map. A big thanks to Mark for sharing the Changing of the Gods video on YouTube.

We are ramping up for big changes, as if life hasn’t been all about change for a couple years now. I just wanted to share my latest discovery. It’s pretty exciting to see a plan come together!

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  1. Bob Breeze says:

    Thanks Natha Jay
    Love how you keep your finger on the cosmic pulse.

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