Energy Update April 19, 2022

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Do you feel slightly removed from reality? So do I. “Slightly” is an understatement. In the past week, I have been ricocheting between being totally self-involved and wondering if I still exist on this plane. I’ve heard of people who weren’t aware they died and just kept going… It has been that strange. People still interact with me, so I assume I am still alive, but I am clearing out my extra belongings and updating my will, just in case.

Last night in dreamtime I was working all night. It has been a while since I’ve been busy all night. I was helping to balance both the collective and a few individuals, while major archetypes were changing or being removed. I remember telling someone, “It’s okay, that’s just the fear being removed from the collective. It isn’t you, you’re fine.” All night was spent calming energy down as layers of programming was removed, like blankets from a bed. After you remove a blanket, the lower layers need to be smoothed out. My job was the smoothing. There was a lot of smoothing.

Since the March equinox, I have felt much like the center piece of a merry-go-round, anchoring the whole thing to the ground while everything spins around me. I occasionally have to take ginger for the motion sickness. This is one of those days. I am exhausted and queasy. Along with that, the current ascension symptoms are affecting my eyesight, my liver, my memory (and I generally have a fantastic memory) and my hips. I’m basically fasting every other day due to nausea or digestive slowness. You aren’t alone.

Time outside, even just looking at a tree, helps immensely with grounding (relieves the motion sickness). Epsom salt baths ease hip pain. In general, drink plenty of water and go with the energy flow. Go when it feels right, and rest when it feels right. When you are in a rest mode you are holding space for Gaia herself. Resting is vital, for many reasons.

The sense I get is that we are moving toward a singular unified timeline, which means many people are being shuffled around as the multiple timelines merge. They will go from their current (ending) reality to the nearest sustainable timeline… Until that one is ready for collapse, then they will be moved yet again. If your life isn’t moving much, you’re already on one of the last timelines to merge with the one Unity line. For some this means relocation, changes in job, or changes is relationships. For others (like me) it is more about refining what’s already there (new paint, cleaning out closets). For now. 2022 is just warming up.

Prioritize self-care and go with the flow. With layers of matrix programming (conditioning) being removed, the new reality can seem both liberating and terrifying. Things aren’t the way they were sold to us. Forget what you thought you knew, and be ready to process brand new information, both personal and collective. All we can really do is open our minds and enjoy the ride. We got this!

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2 Responses to Energy Update April 19, 2022

  1. Mae says:

    Love this, love You!

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  2. Annette says:

    Oh yes, feeling it all. Thanks for the confirmation! ♥️

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