Gentle Nudges

My intuition has been shifting for the last two years. It used to be quite loud, like a conversation in my head. Now, it is a fleeting whisper or just a physical feeling in my body, very subtle. I can only surmise that this change is a normal part of the embodiment phase. With the Higher Self descending into the body, intuition is no longer a conversation, but a physical sensation.

This is a huge change to nearly five decades of conversation with “my guides”, or whatever language you have for higher guidance. The nice part is, at least for now, my higher self is running the show. Even when I ignore my now subtle guidance, things just… rearrange themselves. In the last month, my mistakes are pointed out harmlessly. Like ordering something online (using my mind instead of my intuition), and having it mysteriously disappear with money refunded. Poof! And now we’re back on track.

I must say, I’m really enjoying this part. It’s so relaxing to know I’m being supported. I tend to be an over-achiever in pretty much all areas, so it feels like a reward to let someone else drive for a bit. Actually, this is what 2023 feels like to me – expansive and safe. All I have to do is keep an eye on my own ego, and the Universe will do the rest.

I am keeping up with my half of this co-creation energy by deepening my relationship to my body, grounding this new energy with my breath, and delving into ego patterns with the Gene Keys courses online. Never a dull moment in dissolving ego patterns, but all our individual work helps the collective. I am also starting and ending each day with gratitude and a new mantra: “I am ready, willing, and able to receive as much support as I give to others.”

Now is the time to find your own mantra and practices. Remember to be fully aware when you feel a wave of joy come through, so you can stash that feeling in your cells. 2023 gives us the chance to elevate, both individually and collectively. How high are you willing to go?

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