2023 – Elevate

If you read no further, the key to 2023 is to elevate your energy. Lighten up. Think of the Egyptian death mythology of weighing the heart against a feather to determine if you are lighthearted enough to pass to the next level of existence. 2023 will be a crash course in creating with our own energy. If you hit a rough patch, and most of us will, be eager to laugh it off and start again. “I was using that old belief? How cute! You are adorable, my little human ego, but now we are changing the narrative.” Just like correcting a small child, you will enjoy greater progress through redirection, than through disappointment and self-judgement. This is going to be a steep learning curve. Be ready to flow and let go.

We have left linear time, so this forecast will only pertain to those at a similar place on the path. This year will be absolutely radiant for those further along, and it will be jarring and chaotic for those just waking up. The interesting thing about non-linear time is that we can move freely between levels. I am guessing we can change our physical age also, but I’m sill looking for that door.

The idea of energy as currency may feel completely foreign, or it may remind you of the home you left behind before incarnating on Earth. The important thing to note is that energy can’t be discerned by outer acts. For example, I knew someone who would sew shower curtains to blankets and give them to the homeless, so they could have a weatherproof cover. I told him how impressed I was with this act, and he replied, “I just don’t want to go to hell.” His true motivation was fear of hell, not love for his fellow man. We are past the point of the end justifying the means. We are entering a time where the end will reflect the means.

The end reflecting the means will bring a greater sense of fairness and justice to the world. I’m not saying it will all be different in the span of a single year, but this is the time these seeds will be planted. There will be those who will excel at this new skill, and those who will have to fail repeatedly to figure out what’s happening. Let people fail. Lead only by example. Failing spectacularly is one of the fastest ways to learn. It’s hard to watch those we love run headlong into a wall, but in the long run it will be faster growth with less suffering. I know the empath in me wants to help people avoid pain, but I am interfering in their journey if I offer unsolicited guidance. If they ask I’m happy to offer my own observations, but staying silent until asked is a whole discipline unto itself.

Fortunes (including windfall in health and relationships) will be both made and lost in the blink of an eye. Please remember this isn’t a punitive system. No one is handing out punishments or rewards. What occurs now is based solely on heart frequency. People who seemed to be on the right track may be totally knocked down, because their true motivation (heart frequency) is fear or greed or domination. If you are knocked down, consider what is truly motivating you. If your ego identity is wrapped up in being a healer or always being helpful, are you operating from an open heart, or just service to the ego construct? Is your need to be right stronger than your desire for unity? Does your identity require others to “need” you? Does “winning” require a “loser”? Only you know what’s really driving you.

2023 will require absolute accountability to our own growth. To master our creative power we will need to be observant and totally honest with ourselves. If we keep attracting exactly what we don’t want, there’s a reason. This will also play out on the world stage, but it is all directly tied to our inner state. We are the power behind the thrown. If the world stage is distracting for you, turn off the news and social media. I guarantee world peace lives within personal peace. How much room do you have in your day for peace, freedom, joy, and abundance? It’s up to us to anchor those vibrations.

It sounds fabulous to change power dynamics and realize unity and abundance, but the flip side will be facing the shadows of poverty consciousness and victim mentality. Many of us have lived in scarcity and duality for so long, it may be a bumpy adjustment. We really haven’t seen abundance or unity on this planet in thousands of years. Be gentle with yourself on these ones, but be aware of how they try to sabotage your thinking. Two big red flags of self-sabotage are blame and excuses. No matter what the issue is, you always have choices. Accept it or change it. No whining.

The whole year will be like “you can only receive as much love as you have for yourself” on steroids. Whatever isn’t working in your outer world needs to be adjusted on the inner. Want deeper relationships? Deepen your relationship with yourself. Want more money? Invest in your own self-worth and personal value. What shows up outside you has always been a reflection of your inner world, but this year it will be brutally obvious.

When you hit a rough patch, and we all do, love yourself through it. It will pass much faster with a good cry and a box of cookies, than by berating yourself. Don’t be at war with yourself! Treat yourself, mind and body, as a child in need of comfort. If you have trouble doing this for yourself, work out a support structure, and use it. If you are stuck for a longer time, seek professional help. A little counseling can go a long way.

None of this is new information. The big difference is that the energetic construct of the “prison planet” experience has been dissolved. The only thing holding the old in place is the human ego, which is also changing rapidly. In short, it’s time. On the “world domination” goal of the elites… yes it was real, and no it won’t work. That agenda no longer holds any power, or non-human assistance. We can all let that one go. Those emotionally invested in that narrative (on both sides) will be quite lost and confused this year. At this point, we are all just humans trying to figure ourselves out. Those used to this inner work will find this year quite empowering, liberating, and challenging in an exciting way.

I feel a lot of death this year, but I can’t tell if it’s physical or ego death. I’m sure there will be many Light Workers leaving the planet, simply because the mission has been accomplished. Two important things to remember about physical death: 55-60 million people die worldwide each year (just because being mortal works that way), and death is just a new beginning somewhere else. Grieving is another matter. If you lose someone take the time to grieve. Grief is it’s own process, and you just have to love yourself through it. Grieving is tough, but it tears the heart wide open to allow for new growth.

Together, 2022 and 2023 are the turning point for the future. The battle has already been won, so now we get to figure out what co-creation really means. Enjoy this part… it feels like dancing to me. A waltz? A tango? It’s up to you. Do what aligns you with your soul. Be aware, but not critical. This is a time of celebration. In the words of Tom Robbins in Jitterbug Perfume, “Lighten up!”

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8 Responses to 2023 – Elevate

  1. Thank you, and thank you for waiting for us.

    I’m reminded of the Lao Tsu’s injunction:

    Therefore the Master remains
    serene in the midst of sorrow.
    Evil cannot enter his heart.
    Because he has given up helping,
    he is people’s greatest help.
    True words seem paradoxical.

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  2. Bob Breeze says:

    Thank you so much Natha
    A piece of brilliance!
    Already shared extensively!
    Your soul is perfectly in the zone!
    Namaste overtime!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marissa says:

    Love, love these lines, “ No matter what the issue is, you always have choices. Accept it or change it. No whining.”

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